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What is the NCC?(Rent with driver)?

What is the NCC?(Rent with driver)?

The Rental with Driver (Noleggio Con Conducente NCC) is a particular means of transport regulated by the Ministry of Transportation in 1992, with great diffusion in Italia as well.

It belong to the sector of public non-line service.

Differently than taxis, the NCC is a customed service.
It means it is not possible to find a waiting NCC outside of airport, it is a relationship between driver and client.

The contact between client and renter is direct and it occurs before the departure, this guarantees the comfort of always finding someone waiting for you at your arrival without other waste of time.

It is an integrated service of line transportation.

E’ un lavoro particolarmente faticoso e carico di responsabilità e per poterlo svolgere occorrono delle competenze ben specifiche e professionisti al servizio della clientela.

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