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Differences between NCC and taxi. Alternatives?

Differences between NCC and taxi. Alternatives?

TAXI and NCC services seem very similar… in reality they are born to satisfy totally different needs, and they refer to substantially different users.

The TAXI service has generally a limited radius of operability.

It refers to who has urgent need of transportation within the city environment

It is the typical means you can call on the spot.

The fare of the TAXI service is calculated by taximeter, and it is fixed by the municipality who released the license. It can be pre-determined ONLY in case the itinerary plans to exit the territory of the city which released the license.

The difference with NCC (Rental With Driver, acronym of Noleggio Con Conducente in Italian) is substantial. Although there are some common points, in the NCC it is possible to manager at will the itinerary, change it at the last minute, enter freely in limited-traffic zones or in fast lanes, but above all be accompanied to go shopping or any other thing we like without the worry of the on-going taximeter.

The fare, in fact, are always all-inclusive and agreed with the client when they book choosing the type of car and the service they need.

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